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Country: Bahamas
Year: 1971
Description: Rosa "town name" - Roses, Bahamas
Category: Postal card (reply with reply paid),
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Keyword(s): Come to Bermuda the Isles of Beauty, Remember tu use the Post Code!, Long Island, postmaster, Hamilton, Sessex, This Half Is Only Available For Transmission To Great Britain, Cette Partie N´est Valable Que Pour Expédition A La Grande Bretange
Dear Sir,
We are attempting to compile examples of reply cards used in the various Post Offices of the British Commenwelth before these cards are abolished internationally.
As you probably know, at the moment, although bearing a british stamp the reply portion is valid in any country if it is a member of the Universal Postal union as your Postal Administration is-however, this arrangement will bi stopped next year.
We would appreciate it if you could post the attached reply card to us and impress on it a clear impression of the date stamp used at your Post Office, also it would be appreciated it this half is left attached by refolding and, if possible, use examples of any other date stamps or instructional marks in use.
Thanking you in advance for your assistance in rhis matter.
Yours faithfully,
R. King